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KLI Advertising

Who We Are ?

Picture this. The early 90s. A small traditional marketing firm with big dreams. That was us.

Fast forward to today, and we are a leading multi-channel advertising and marketing agency.

We have journeyed with top companies in India and around the world. We have crafted narratives that resonate and strategies that deliver.

From the auto-mobile industry to performance marketing, we have dipped our toes in every sector. Our specialty? Diversity in Action.

Our secret weapon? A team that is been with us through thick and thin. Many have been with us for over two decades, growing with us, evolving with us.
And at the helm of it all? Our founder and owner, Dev Ashish Mehru. His vision has been our guiding light, leading us to where we are today.

We Bring With Us An Experience Over the Past 30 Years.

Auto Mobile Marketing

Diverse expertise with Automobile Brands !

With easy-to-understand strategies for Auto-Mobile marketing.

From ads that catch the eye, social media management, to exculsive lead generation we make your car sales zoom!

Niche Marketing

Reach the right people in no time !

With tailored strategies for specific marketing.

From learning about your audience, to campaigns made just for them, we help you find and attract your ideal customers.

Creative Advertising

Make your brand unforgettable!

With fresh and unique ideas for advertising.

From ads that stand out, powerful messages, to a brand that's remembered, we help your business shine!

Print Media Marketing

Connect with people through the power of print!

With new and exciting print media strategies.

From eye-catching flyers to unforgettable print ads, we bring your print marketing to life.

Performance Marketing

Get the results you're looking for!

With marketing that's based on the KPIs that you set for us.

From targeted ads that work, making conversions easier, to real-time tracking, we help you get the most from your marketing.

Brand Marketing Solutions

Make your brand the talk of the town!

With full-service strategies for branding.

From positioning your brand, planning, to running marketing campaigns, we make your brand stand tall.

Our Pledge and Dedication

We're a one-stop-shop for all your advertising needs. Digital, print, radio - we've got it all.

Our expertise lies in understanding your brand, your audience, and crafting strategies that hit the mark. We're not just about making noise. We're about making an impact.
We do it by blending creativity with strategy, innovation with insight. Because at KLI Advertising, we believe in delivering results that matter.

Our Team.

Meet the heart and soul of KLI Advertising.

A diverse group of individuals, each bringing something unique to the table. Many have been with us for over two decades, growing with us, evolving with us. Their loyalty and dedication have been the backbone of our success. Together, we are more than just a team.

We are a family. A family that is committed to taking your brand to new heights.

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